Human Species Upgrade

Humanity is transcending in genetic makeup, awakening layers of encoding — to a higher creativity.

Changes in attitude are a part of new brain neurons and new biological triggers — toward conscience and also a greater sense of collaboration.

The entire world today is moving into a faster vibration. This is an effect of increased brain activity.

Our mind functions faster than in early humans. We are more able to envision the technological tools that bring the abilities of mental facility. Our mind is, now, honing to a faster revolution than in early humans, meaning we can solve mental complexities with an ease once thought magical. We are, now, perceptive beyond simple strategies. We are able to define resolutions and to design solutions that were once unimaginable.

Is this merely a human ability that was always in us? No. Our newer insights into the mechanics of thought are an indication of the new human. We are more than earlier generations.

Humanity has not merely evolved through experience. Our genetic coding is activating, bringing forth a level of mental acuity previously tapped only by one rare individual in an entire culture. Now that mental fluidity is being activated in any who gives attention to these three things:

(1) The value of all life, without a need to prove oneself as superior.

(2) The instinctual wisdom that is inborn in both the cellular memory of the body and the archetypal memories of the soul.

(3) The recognition that all living beings have a purpose, and that life is a gift, not to be wasted on indulgence.

~ ~ ~

2017 Copyright Charol Messenger. This is first part of the opening passage to Chapter 3 “Coming Into Our Next Body, Mind, and Brain” of my new book THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS.

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