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Peace be with you and upon you, all of your days, and grace you with wisdom, a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

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Today Many Arise in Goodwill

Let us on this day rejoice, for the world is lifting in courage.  On this day, we who believe in kindness are lifting up those who do not yet see. On this day, those whose hearts are pure are lifting … Continue reading

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p.s. the Niume post below is improved over original posted on BEING 🙂 (I’m always editing…) Yay! – SO, I am going to be posting much more! At the Niume site, under Lifestyles:     BLOGS AT NIUME:!/posts From: Reply-to: … Continue reading

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My Writing Tips

Writing Tips How did I know I wanted to be an author?  My fifth grade English teacher told me I had talent. Me? At age twelve, I wrote my first novel, about a horse. And I’ve been writing ever since … Continue reading

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WHERE DO WE FIND OUR COURAGE? How do we tap into innate wisdom, insight? How can we know just what to do? How do we find inner peace … and also our resolute spirit? When we give ourselves time each … Continue reading

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Soul Consciousness Meditation – Step 4

THE MANTRAS IN THIS MEDITATION EXPERIENCE ARE HELPFUL IN FOUR WAYS: (1) Gives you a focus, an intention. (2) Sets the tone for the day. (3) The repetition, daily, ingrains the intention into your subconscious. (4) Whenever your mind strays … Continue reading

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