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An award-winning spiritual author, futurist and visionary since 1975, Charol Messenger has received 11 awards on seven titles. In addition to news items, the posts are excerpts from award-winning and upcoming books on practical spirituality, awakening to soul consciousness and innate wisdom, living Higher Self conscious, meditation, angels, psychic phenomena and psychic development, and our evolving human species (including our origin and destiny). Three books won INTERNATIONAL Book Excellence Awards Oct. 2016: 1ST PLACE, YOU 2.0 (personal growth). 2ND PLACE, HUMANITY 2.0 (spirituality, sole Finalist, 4th award). 2ND PLACE, THE POWER OF COURAGE (new nonfiction, memoir, 2nd award). NATIONAL FINALISTS — 2015: THE POWER OF COURAGE (women’s issues), INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY (new age nonfiction), THE SOUL PATH (spirituality; also 12 chapters in Pathways magazine, Denver CO, pre-pub title Petals of Self-Discovery), all USA Best Book Awards. 2012: HUMANITY 2.0 (new age nonfiction, USA Best), HUMANITY 2.0 (spirituality, CIPA Evvy), WINGS OF LIGHT (spirituality, CIPA Evvy; also 6 chapters in Spirit Quest magazine, Denver CO). 2005: I’M DANCING AS FAST AS I CAN (memoir, USA Best). 2001: 3RD PLACE, HUMANITY 2.0 (CIPA Evvy, first edition titled The New Humanity, now Vol. I). Charol's Higher Self writing began with a spontaneous mystical awakening to cosmic consciousness in 1975. She was certified in 1983 as a Clear Conscious Channel of the Spiritual Hierarchy by the Tibetan Foundation; and in 1992 certified as a Lightworker by nationally renowned clairvoyant-lightworker Linda Schiller-Hanna. Since 1975, Charol has given over 21,000 personal readings as a Higher Self Clairvoyant. She is also a professional freelance book editor (over 192 books since 1994; nonfiction, fiction). She lives in Colorado with her spunky Yorkie. A messenger of angels, her oversoul and the Universal I Am Consciousness (Universal Mind), Charol writes on The New Humanity, which is now. All materials posted are copyright Charol Messenger. Reader: “Wow! I am inspired by your vision…. You are have a strong voice. The only thing to do in an age of darkness is to ‘Let your light shine!’ You shine true.” – Pamela Moresby Also blogging at:

Taking a Knee

Me, too.

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Unlikely hurricane hero takes over chaotic Texas storm shelter

BY BRIAN THEVENOT Aug 28th 2017 12:00PM COPIED OFF AOL PAGE – POWERFUL STORY  #HarveyHero ROCKPORT, Texas, Aug 27 (Reuters) – When state emergency authorities pulled into the storm shelter in the small city of Rockport, Texas on Saturday, they … Continue reading

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Pray for Harvey survivors. MILLIONS inundated by 20-50″ of flooding.

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Peace be with you and upon you, all of your days, and grace you with wisdom, a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

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Turquoise Water, Twin Lagoon, Coron, Philippines

Originally posted on Jetset Lust:
Turquoise Water, Twin Lagoon, Coron, Philippines

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Amazing heartwarming story of animal love!

This is so incredible and wonderful – that I had to share it! Received in email, from TV interview by biologist Professor Krajewski, who interviewed this fisherman for Globo Television: The Penguin and the Fisherman The Penguin and the   … Continue reading

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Is One Race More Superior Than Another?

WE ARE ALL OF ONE ORIGIN, HUMAN BEINGS. No race is more superior than another. All races are merely physical distinctions borne of the climates of our origins. In the larger scheme of life, all races are the same genetically. … Continue reading

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