Is One Race More Superior Than Another?


No race is more superior than another. All races are merely physical distinctions borne of the climates of our origins.

In the larger scheme of life, all races are the same genetically. We are all humans. All with the same potential. All with the same enhancements since the original humans.

On Earth, human history began in the dawn of creation. Civilization began long before cultures derived due to climates and circumstances. The only reason any of us differ is due to the early days of humans on the Earth.

We have taken different colors and shapes, over many millennia, only to adapt to the physical demands of the climates of our surroundings. Otherwise, we are all distinctly of the same species: human.

This is also called “the origin of the species of the cosmos” — where humans have existed since the dawn of time and the existence of life in the physical dimensions.

In the third dimension, humans have existed in many worlds. In this universe, humans have existed since the Pleiades. In our solar system, humans exist on Earth only; other life forms do populate nearby terrestrial worlds. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, humans populate over one hundred worlds.

Bottom line, we fight among ourselves because we are still learning to share and to respect life — which are the two most key characteristics of a global society that will survive and thrive. As long as we deny others their right of just treatment as human beings, equal in the laws of nature, we will be thwarted by greed — which is the dominant trait that destroys life.

Until we respect others who are unlike us, we cannot be the rulers of the future, for our days are numbered. Only the societies that recognize that all have rights will sustain; all others will fall into decay.

Let us, therefore, attend to our own limitations. And instead of tearing down what we do not understand, let us find the common sense of charity. If not because it is right, then because that is how we will secure our own future.

Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger. This is the opening passage to Chapter 5 “Coming into a New Global Society” from my new book THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS.  Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger.

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