Soul Consciousness Meditation – Step 3

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Build a Personal Space of Solace

The key to consciously connecting with your soul (Higher Self) is a daily communion. (Step 1 “How Do We Find Our Inner Peace.”  Step 2 “How Do We Thrive?”)

Actually, when I deep breath, I inhale and exhale through the nose (both nostrils, mouth closed). This way, I go deeper and get there faster. But do whatever works best for you to go deeper and feel natural. Remember, the breath is the key to accessing your soul consciousness.

Silent or Aloud. All of the mantras (steps) I am thinking to myself, though you may speak aloud. The spoken word is powerful, and does enhance your feeling of connection, especially when you are beginning. When I started, and whenever I resume after some days of absence, I do say the mantras aloud. Then, at some point in the process, I slip into silence, thinking them. It’s a matter of what works best for you.

Mantra 3:* Soul imposing its purpose on my mind.

With this 3rd mantra, I feel the energy focuses very strongly at the forehead (third eye). Do all three mantras (1, 2, 3) for 40 days, daily, each for several minutes. In the beginning it takes longer (15-45 minutes); as you get used to the rhythm and process, you can get there faster. (Even now, whenever I miss a day or two, for every day of absence it takes longer to build back up to where I was last. This is why, in the beginning, it is essential to do this practice every day, to make it your routine, regardless of activities needed for the rest of the day.)

I will give you the additional mantras over time. The first few are easy, like these, so I may give them to you more often (rather than 30-40 days apart). When it gets to the more heightened level, I will give you the next mantras at the 30-40 day mark, because this allows you to truly enhance your soul-awareness connection. Remind me to give you the next mantra (I get caught up in a lot of projects). Send Comment, Like this post, email me directly, or Tweet me!

Place. I sit in the same place for every meditation. This builds up the force in the space. It can be anywhere that you can focus, alone, uninterrupted. For me, it’s a comfortable deep-cushioned chair. (I sit in a straight-back chair when I do clairvoyant readings, always the same chair.)

Space. You may add crystals to the room, or on a table next to you. I also add angels; when I do, I feel a shift in the space (more dynamic). I also have a Buddha, and a serene picture that allows my spirit to let go. These are simply techniques I feel instinctively, not taught. Do what you are drawn to, whatever helps you to feel the space is more dynamic. Colors you like. For me, translucent violet window covers; I painted the walls and ceiling a very delicate hint of aqua (like water). Choose colors that make you feel heart-filled and wondrous, that engage your joy.

We are visual. We are tactile. Setting and environment are a part of creating a personal space to meditate (commune, contemplate) where you can easily and naturally slip into your deeper rhythm and calming breathing—and go deeper and deeper into your soul consciousness.

Routine and setting help you to let go and relax and simply be. All of these elements, as I share them with you, are a part of building the experience. In this way, you are building your space, your routine, your techniques—in a way that feels to you personally inviting, almost magical.

Time. Yes, routine matters. It makes it easier to slip into the inner place when you are in the same space, every day and at the same time. I have found (and channeled to others for decades) that the easiest time to get there is morning (soon after rising). I first feed my dog, then put seed out for the wild birds, then start the coffee. Then I meditate (then write) before I have coffee, before I turn on the computer or the TV or begin my tasks for the day. In this way, I haven’t interrupted the flow—from sleep to busy. This is the easiest way (and takes less time) to get there.

Now, breathe.

Let go.



Feeling joy imbuing you—

to your core.

This is the real you.

~ ~ ~

*These mantras are modified from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul of the Spiritual Hierarchy, received through Alice Bailey, published in the book Discipleship In the New Age, volume I, pp. 364-365, 367-394.

For the effects of soul-consciousness meditating for a prolonged period of months (one step per 30-40 days), see my Full Bio and Appendices at the back of any of my books, plus Messengers Cosmic Awakening, Meeting Oversoul in a Vision, Angels Speak.

For techniques, tips, and dozens of my personal anecdotes on how to visualize, read my workbook Intuition for Every Day. For additional understanding of the spiritual path we are all on (as well as humanity origin and our destiny), read The Soul Path.

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