Can You Move a Tornado with Your Mind?

This happened to me… May this help you…

A grave sense of danger gripped me and pervaded every fiber of my being. I froze and began to sweat and gasp for breath. A sudden news flash on my Walkman radio was announcing a tornado whipping through my neighborhood right then in Northglenn, forty-five minutes away from my downtown Denver high-rise office where I was working as a temp secretary.

Yet what I felt was not ordinary fear. I had never felt a sensation like this before. Something deep inside me told me this was critical and that something catastrophic was about to happen. I gazed out the seventeenth-floor office window to the far horizon north.

The suburb where I lived with Ray was twenty miles away and I had taken the express RTD bus to work. My border collie, Che, was in the fenced backyard and my timid miniature schnauzer, Cabra, was loose in the house (all three of us had moved in with Ray, from Colorado Springs). I couldn’t get home in time to move the dogs to safety into the basement. Ray was out in the field with his Public Service utilities job and I couldn’t reach him.

Anxiety compressed me! I had to do something. There must be something I could do!

Suddenly it came to me: Invoke the power of the Universe and call on the angels for protection.

Without any thought of how ridiculous I might look, hidden behind the high gray walls of my private cubicle workstation as a long-term temp, five months on the job, I invoked the protection and projected it from my mind’s eye to the site of danger. I prayed to the Universe, to God, the angels, Archangel Michael, whoever might hear me (hoping they were all as real as I believed), asking for guidance and protection of my dogs, Ray, the house and all within it.

The protection ritual came into my mind step by step. I followed it spontaneously, just knowing what to say and do, guided as to what words to command, what images to visualize, and what physical gestures to project the protecting energy force toward our home.

I then left the cubicle for the privacy of the Ladies Room. There, amidst sanitary steel and ceramic, I thrust my arms into the air and, in a whispered tone, powerfully commanded and directed the protecting energy to my dogs and home.

I continued this ritual for about fifteen minutes. Suddenly the task felt complete and a calm contentment washed through me. I felt relaxed and at ease. Feeling totally free of concern, I returned to my cubicle and my work.

I truly released the outcome to the Universe, knowing I had done all I could and could do no more. I had invoked the forces of the Universe. I was resolved to any outcome, although I felt clearly that all was well. I felt comfortable, calm, and at peace; so I resumed my work tasks and gave no more real thought to the matter. It was one p.m.

When I returned home by bus at the end of the work day, my strong premonition proved to be true. I immediately ran through the house, grabbed up my floppy-eared Cabra and hugged her. Carrying my silver schnauzer in my arms, I hurried into the backyard. Che, my tan border collie, came crawling out of her doghouse, which was still in the same place as it was before in the yard. She was soaking wet but unharmed. She panted and her brown eyes were very big.

I turned and perused the yard. The tornado’s path was visible. It had indeed touched down in our block. The debris and lack of damage startlingly revealed the tornado’s journey. It had swept up right over our backyard, skipped up at the west fence, then dipped back down at the east fence, tearing out that fence but not damaging any part of our yard, including the wooden dog house only three feet away. From the east fence, the gusting tornado had ripped a trail right through the neighbor’s back lawn.

According to the six o’clock TV news, the tornado had touched down in our exact block as it sped toward the railroad tracks only half a block east … during the exact same fifteen minutes I was inner directed to send the protecting energy force.

Well, I surely believed in the Power then.

We are all connected through mind and energy, including to the earth and elements of nature. That is how the natural mental protection works. That is why we can indeed protect ourselves and our loved ones—by using the clearly directed power of our inner mind and inner will.

When we study with a regular discipline and daily apply ourselves to oneness with the Divine, we can be ready and prepared for any crisis. Intuitively and instinctively we can respond without a conscious recollection of how we know what to do.

We are able to fully defend our being, environment, and loved ones from circumstances that seem beyond anyone’s control. No matter how devastating a circumstance appears to be, how it affects each person is individual. We definitely can eliminate real danger, because everything is energy and is directed by mind.

Mental energy is the web of life that ties us all together and to all the elements in life. When we are clear and centered, in a moment of crisis or impending danger, all of our learned resolve comes to bear effortlessly and instinctively. As if we consciously invoked it, we are filled with a knowing and inimitable power to dissolve danger—by our focused thoughts and aligned energy presence.

When we live in sync with our higher divine will and we daily practice disciplines of mind and spirit (to manage our emotions and impulses), we can take on a mature perception toward the life forces and our connection with them. We become one with them in our intentions toward life.

In the midst of storms and natural disasters, without fear and with complete presence, we can invoke—without question—our full powerful Stature. Our whole Self knows life, is one with nature, and is aligned in clarity and balance. When our whole Self commands nature, nature obeys, because both are a part of the basic structure of physical existence: energy.//

This personal story is from my ebook Intuition for Every Day: Your Miraculous Human Gift, available at Copyright 2011, Charol Messenger (details at page “About this blog”). Humanity is in an evolutionary leap, right now.

About Charol Messenger

An award-winning spiritual author, futurist and visionary since 1975, Charol Messenger has received 11 awards on seven titles. In addition to news items, the posts are excerpts from award-winning and upcoming books on practical spirituality, awakening to soul consciousness and innate wisdom, living Higher Self conscious, meditation, angels, psychic phenomena and psychic development, and our evolving human species (including our origin and destiny). Three books won INTERNATIONAL Book Excellence Awards Oct. 2016: 1ST PLACE, YOU 2.0 (personal growth). 2ND PLACE, HUMANITY 2.0 (spirituality, sole Finalist, 4th award). 2ND PLACE, THE POWER OF COURAGE (new nonfiction, memoir, 2nd award). NATIONAL FINALISTS — 2015: THE POWER OF COURAGE (women’s issues), INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY (new age nonfiction), THE SOUL PATH (spirituality; also 12 chapters in Pathways magazine, Denver CO, pre-pub title Petals of Self-Discovery), all USA Best Book Awards. 2012: HUMANITY 2.0 (new age nonfiction, USA Best), HUMANITY 2.0 (spirituality, CIPA Evvy), WINGS OF LIGHT (spirituality, CIPA Evvy; also 6 chapters in Spirit Quest magazine, Denver CO). 2005: I’M DANCING AS FAST AS I CAN (memoir, USA Best). 2001: 3RD PLACE, HUMANITY 2.0 (CIPA Evvy, first edition titled The New Humanity, now Vol. I). Charol's Higher Self writing began with a spontaneous mystical awakening to cosmic consciousness in 1975. She was certified in 1983 as a Clear Conscious Channel of the Spiritual Hierarchy by the Tibetan Foundation; and in 1992 certified as a Lightworker by nationally renowned clairvoyant-lightworker Linda Schiller-Hanna. Since 1975, Charol has given over 21,000 personal readings as a Higher Self Clairvoyant. She is also a professional freelance book editor (over 192 books since 1994; nonfiction, fiction). She lives in Colorado with her spunky Yorkie. A messenger of angels, her oversoul and the Universal I Am Consciousness (Universal Mind), Charol writes on The New Humanity, which is now. All materials posted are copyright Charol Messenger. Reader: “Wow! I am inspired by your vision…. You are have a strong voice. The only thing to do in an age of darkness is to ‘Let your light shine!’ You shine true.” – Pamela Moresby Also blogging at:
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One Response to Can You Move a Tornado with Your Mind?

  1. Charol.. This is a palpable description. I can feel and become the very power you invoked in reading your words. You have captured the essence of Divine Order in this narrative and it carries a transmission. Namaste. Bonnie Kelley


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