Is One Race More Superior Than Another?


No race is more superior than another. All races are merely physical distinctions borne of the climates of our origins.

In the larger scheme of life, all races are the same genetically. We are all humans. All with the same potential. All with the same enhancements since the original humans.

On Earth, human history began in the dawn of creation. Civilization began long before cultures derived due to climates and circumstances. The only reason any of us differ is due to the early days of humans on the Earth.

We have taken different colors and shapes, over many millennia, only to adapt to the physical demands of the climates of our surroundings. Otherwise, we are all distinctly of the same species: human.

This is also called “the origin of the species of the cosmos” — where humans have existed since the dawn of time and the existence of life in the physical dimensions.

In the third dimension, humans have existed in many worlds. In this universe, humans have existed since the Pleiades. In our solar system, humans exist on Earth only; other life forms do populate nearby terrestrial worlds. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, humans populate over one hundred worlds.

Bottom line, we fight among ourselves because we are still learning to share and to respect life — which are the two most key characteristics of a global society that will survive and thrive. As long as we deny others their right of just treatment as human beings, equal in the laws of nature, we will be thwarted by greed — which is the dominant trait that destroys life.

Until we respect others who are unlike us, we cannot be the rulers of the future, for our days are numbered. Only the societies that recognize that all have rights will sustain; all others will fall into decay.

Let us, therefore, attend to our own limitations. And instead of tearing down what we do not understand, let us find the common sense of charity. If not because it is right, then because that is how we will secure our own future.

Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger. This is the opening passage to Chapter 5 “Coming into a New Global Society” from my new book THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS.  Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger.

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Writing Tips

by Charol Messenger in Lifestyle

How did I know I wanted to be an author?  My fifth grade English teacher told me I had talent. Me? At age twelve, I wrote my first novel, about a horse. And I’ve been writing ever since … high school, college, married years, post-married single years.Do I have any writing rituals or practi…

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My Writing Tips

Writing Tips

How did I know I wanted to be an author? 

My fifth grade English teacher told me I had talent. Me? At age twelve, I wrote my first novel, about a horse. And I’ve been writing ever since … high school, college, married years, post-married single years.

Do I have any writing rituals or practices?

While coffee is brewing, I sit and meditate – tune in. At the end of my practiced routine (ritual), the words just start coming. And I write them down. (Sometimes, the zone hits me while watching TV. I always have paper and pen handy.)

This routine works with all kinds of writing, even with writing my memoirs. It seems that once I “align,” my mind is focused and clear – and the words just come. Even a few minutes of tuning in makes a huge difference. My meditation technique gets me “there.” The writing is the bonus. So easy! (Especially when it “comes” to you – then all you have to do is edit, and organize.)

What is my advice for aspiring authors?

Never give up. Keep at it. Listen to your own instincts. (I write because I can’t “not” write. I just have to.)

Write, write, and keeping writing. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Edit, edit, edit.

I highly recommend English grammar classes and writing courses. It is imperative to get critical feedback so you know what you need to improve.

It also helps to have editing skills, grammar courses in high school and college, and several writing courses and workshops.

Also important: submit for publication, everywhere, anywhere (and save every detail for your work resume).

I’ve been publishing since high school (poetry) and college (creative writing classes), much of which were published in national and school journals. In my most-active dating years (post-marriage), I published in regional newsletters over thirty vignette poems (about the dating life), which I later included in my first memoir, I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can. In my post-dance club life, I published several “true love” poems in magazines (U.S. and Canada). Then I wrote and edited on every job I had (even if they didn’t hire me for that, such as temp clerical secretary jobs; it all adds up on the resume, and led to jobs as an editorial assistance, technical editor, technical writer). Once I started my own freelance book editor professional services (in 1994), I published articles in a writers’ club newsletter.

The spirituality writing “came” to me, starting at age thirty, and that was the origin of all the books. (So far, 11 awards on seven titles submitted, published fifteen and more to come, annually.) The spirituality writing includes personal growth, the spiritual path, angels, meditation, psychic protection, discernment, connecting with one’s Higher Self, the inner voice, consciousness, and the soul; plus, cosmology, dimensions, evolution, time and space, new scientific discoveries (and predictions) in science and medicine, origins of humanity,the future, and the new humanity (my specialty, since 1975).

Tip for spirituality writing: meditate, daily. Listen. Receiving and intuiting are practiced skills, too.

~ ~ ~

All posts copyright Charol Messenger. since 1994, pro editor since 1969. Best Business of Denver Award in Editorial Services 2016 and 2015. Over 1,450 projects edited (nonfiction, novels, business, academic). Special interest: Inspires the readers.

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Sense Everything Around You? Protect yourself—from the world?


This lifetime-workbook of original techniques for living Higher Self conscious and activating or enhancing your natural and innate intuitive senses includes Charol Messenger’s 130 original meditations and easy techniques, which she learned from the Divine Inner Self, used in her own life, and taught as a Higher Self Teacher for spiritual living in our modern world.

Key chapters include: intuitive sensing the world around you, psychic protection, 29 personal life stories on how Charol used innate intuition in everyday life crises and challenging situations, and original techniques for the busy modern life that show you how to be safe in all circumstances.

Gleaned from Charol’s 41 years as a Higher Self clairvoyant, empath, channel, and  shaman (instinctively recalled from past lives), she shares her original techniques on inner hearing, inner seeing, intuitive sensing, and psychic protection. In the anecdotes of her personal true stories, she shows how she has used all of these techniques in her own life; such as, protection from catastrophic weather, like keeping away tornado, flood, forest fire, hurricane—and how she brought her lost dog home, five times, safely and quickly. You also learn the meanings of clairvoyant inner vision symbolisms and metaphors to help you better understand your own sensed and heightened perceptions and psychic experiences.

To quicken the integration process of your own Higher Self consciousness, Charol has added advanced soul meditations and exercises, and ten new universal laws, all of which she received directly as auditory dictation from the Universal I Am Consciousness, her own Oversoul (Higher Self), Angels of Serendipity, and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.


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Taking a Knee

Me, too.

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Unlikely hurricane hero takes over chaotic Texas storm shelter

ROCKPORT, Texas, Aug 27 (Reuters) – When state emergency authorities pulled into the storm shelter in the small city of Rockport, Texas on Saturday, they asked the obvious first question: Who’s in charge here?

Everyone pointed to Zachary Dearing, who didn’t exactly look the part. The 29-year old was wearing shorts, an olive-green T-shirt and curly blond hair pulled into a man-bun.

Yet he seemed to have keen command of a desperate situation playing out in this beach community of about 10,000 people, which took catastrophic damage from a direct hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Slideshow preview image

Hurricane Harvey

Dearing rattled off basic facts and needs: The shelter had 126 people at last headcount. Six were medically fragile. Four needed oxygen. Two needed hospice care. Everyone was calm because they had just been fed, he said.

“What service are you with?” Katie Contrera, of the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force recalled asking him.

She was shocked to learn Dearing was a civilian with no medical expertise. The slim screenwriter had moved to Rockport from Lexington, Kentucky only three months before to live with his father, a cancer survivor, on a house boat.

The truth was that no one – at least, officially – had been running the shelter at Live Oak Elementary school. The city of Rockport, a coastal community about 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi, had opened it before the storm hit Friday.

But officials provided no supplies or management for vulnerable citizens unwilling or unable to evacuate, according to Dearing, others at the shelter and three Texas emergency management officials who later took over Saturday’s rescue effort there.

Finding a drifting ship with no captain, Dearing took command.

He recruited 15 volunteers – most between the ages of 16 and 21 – and put them on 30-minute shifts checking on everyone inside, particularly the most frail. He got people in the shelter to pool their food and water so that all could be fed. He got the team to plug leaks from the driving rain as best they could. And he organized periodic trips into the Category 4 wind storm to rescue more stranded people, according to Dearing, the state officials and others in the shelter.

“That guy is a hometown hero – he pulled it off,” said Carlos Alarcon, with the state medical task force. “That’s my definition of a hero – when someone does something out of the ordinary to help other people.”

Rockport city officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday morning made through the city’s police department, which is serving as an emergency hub for all local agencies.

The episode underscores how natural disasters can often overwhelm official efforts to plan and staff for the worst – in this case, a small South Texas city getting smacked with its worst storm in 47 years.

Dearing’s unlikely role at the shelter also highlights how volunteers often band together in the face of danger and to provide one another aid, comfort and life-saving care.

Dearing and his band of volunteers kept people safe and relatively calm in a dangerous situation that might have descended into chaos, said one Texas law enforcement official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

State officials “had assumed there was an actual shelter here – there wasn’t,” he said. Dearing, he said, had become “a one-man army running a triage hospital with nothing.”


Dearing, whose father evacuated to Houston, decided a little too late that he, too, needed to take cover. As he drove to the Rockport shelter on Friday afternoon, a piece of flying debris shattered both of his rear windows.

When he arrived at the school, it was clear no one was in charge, he said.

So Dearing started organizing people to “raid classrooms” for supplies including trash cans, hand sanitizer and rugs for people to sleep on. His ad hoc team collected food and water from people who brought it and handed it out to those who needed it.

“We pooled resources the best we could,” he said. “The city named this as a shelter but did nothing to organize it.”

Most people stayed in the gymnasium, which seemed to be the most stable as Harvey unleashed its force. The wind seemed to produce waves in the ceiling and basketball goals shook as people tried, often in vain, to sleep on the hardwood floor, shelter residents said.

Two emergency medical workers were there when Dearing arrived, but “did not seem motivated” to run the shelter and later left, Dearing said. Two Rockport police officers were also there for a time during the storm, and tried their best to help.

One of the officers told Dearing: “It looks like you have a system here; just tell us where you need us,” he said. “It was a weird feeling – I didn’t realize I had taken control.”

The first state emergency workers did not arrive until Saturday morning, when the worst of the storm had passed, Dearing and state officials at the shelter said.

Contrera, of the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force, arrived later to find little in the way of supplies or medical personnel. What she did find was a surprisingly calm population occupying the gym and the darkened hallways of the school, which had lost power and running water the night before.

“I was very surprised – and so thankful – that someone filled that role,” she said of Dearing.


The shelter’s self-appointed manager had grown frazzled and rambling by Saturday morning, having gotten almost no sleep. Alarcon, with the state medical task force, said he pulled Dearing aside and calmed him down.

“Stop – Zach, what do you need?” Alarcon asked.

Dearing rattled off the list: Bedding, food, water, cots, oxygen, sanitary supplies, a generator.

“And if we can’t get a generator – buses,” Dearing said.

State officials organized some supplies and medical care immediately and ordered transportation.

By the time the buses arrived about six hours later on Saturday, the shelter’s population had climbed to about 150 people, many with pets. Some had gotten stranded even after the storm passed.

Richard Loos, 68, ended up at the shelter Saturday afternoon after flooding his truck trying to get back to his home on Speckled Trout Lane, just off Rattlesnake Point Road. Trying to avoid one of hundreds of downed power poles in the region, he drove his four-wheel drive Ford truck into a drainage ditch and sank into four feet of water.

He had to climb out of the window to escape, and was picked up by an ambulance wandering through winds and rains that whipped up again on Saturday after a lull.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it out,” Loos said, smoking a cigarette and clutching his small long-haired dog, Bentley.

Nearby, in the school’s darkened main hallway, one extremely thin older woman crouched against a wall, mumbling about her terror of the hurricane.

“You’re okay; you’re safe now,” a medical worker told her. “The storm is over. We just have to worry about getting you out of here. What medicine are you on?”

Soon she would be pushed in a wheelchair to a line with others waiting for buses to Austin. A Texas state guardsman counted them, one by one, trying to put 40 people on each bus. “Twenty three, twenty four, twenty five,” he said, touching each one on the shoulder.

Watching the buses load Saturday evening, Dearing was elated that everyone at the shelter was finally getting what they needed.

He had broken into tears when it became clear that a collection of state law enforcement and emergency professionals had the solutions for the many problems he had been juggling.

“No one got hurt; the patients are alive,” he said. “These guys answered my prayers, and I cried.” (Reporting by Brian Thevenot; Editing by Marla Dickerson)


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Pray for Harvey survivors. MILLIONS inundated by 20-50″ of flooding.

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Peace be with you and upon you, all of your days, and grace you with wisdom, a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

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Turquoise Water, Twin Lagoon, Coron, Philippines

Beautiful! Wish I was there. 🙂

Jetset Lust

Turquoise Water, Twin Lagoon, Coron, Philippines

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Amazing heartwarming story of animal love!

This is so incredible and wonderful – that I had to share it!
Received in email, from TV interview by biologist Professor Krajewski, who interviewed this fisherman for Globo Television:
The Penguin and the Fisherman
The Penguin and the   Fisherman – Best Buddies !    
 Today’s most heartwarming story is brought to you from a beach in Brazil. It’s the story of a South American Magellanic penguin who swims five thousand miles each year to be reunited with the man who saved his life.
 Retired bricklayer and part time fisherman Joao Perei de Souza, seventy-one, who lives in an island village just outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found the tiny penguin, covered in oil and close to death, lying on rocks on his local beach in 2011.  Joao cleaned the oil off the penguin’s feathers and fed him a daily diet of fish to build his strength. He named him Dindim.
 The prodigal penguin returns
After a week, he tried to release the penguin back into the sea. But, the bird wouldn’t leave. ‘He stayed with me for eleven months and then, just after he changed his coat with new feathers, he disappeared,’ Joao recalls. And, just a few months later, Dindim was back. He spotted the fisherman on the beach one day and followed him home.
Look who’s back
For the past five years, Dindim has spent eight months of the year with Joao and is believed to spend the rest of the time breeding off the coast of Argentina and Chile. It’s thought he swims up to five thousand miles each year to be reunited with the man who saved his life.
“I love the penguin like it’s my own child and I believe the penguin loves me,” Joao said. “No one else is allowed to touch him. He pecks them if they do. He lays on my lap, lets me give him showers, allows me to feed him sardines and pick him up.”
It’s thought Dindim believes the fisherman is also a penguin
‘Everyone said he wouldn’t return but he has been coming back to visit me for the past four years He arrives in June and leaves to go home in February and every year he becomes more affectionate as he appears even happier to see me.’
Biologist Professor Krajewski, who interviewed the fisherman for Globo Television, told The Independent: ‘I have never seen anything like this before. I think the penguin believes Joao is part of his family and probably a penguin as well. ‘When he sees him he wags his tail like a dog and honks with delight. And, just like that, the world seems a kinder place again.
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